MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The doors are finally open at Resurrection Health's fourth location right in the heart of Frayser.

"There are many low-income people here, and there are very few health resources," said Dr. Rick Donlon, the co-founder of Resurrection Health.

Everyone from area pastors to U.S. Representative Steve Cohen came out to mark the opening on Frayser Boulevard.

It's something Cohen said will have a huge impact on the Frayser community.

"We don't have enough health providers, particularly in low-income areas in Memphis. There should be 34 primary care physicians in an area this large. We have seven."

People we talked to who live and work in Frayser said having a place like Resurrection Health will help those without insurance and who are strapped for cash get the care they need.

"The cost is always going to be a huge factor in whatever you're doing, especially with something as important as health care," said Marcus Bean.

"It's huge to take care of the basic health care issues like blood pressure and diabetes. Those are the diseases that, if they're not checked and taken care of early, can cause really expensive and catastrophic problems," Donlon added.